Best Coworking Space in India

Best Office Space For Rent in India

B-cogent Solutions provides Best Coworking Space in India since being a work from home-freelancer or an entrepreneur for a start up, may get distracted or slip into isolation easily. Plus, working alone can be really boring. Fight away the blues! Connect with the world and those around you in a cost effective option and feel a part of the large community. Build personal networks and professional clients. Build your productivity and creativity as you boost your self confidence with exchange of ideas.

Open Coworking

Coworking space in India

Personal or professional, Co working is redefining our working platform because of its coherent concept: Working together in a space shared by people from diverse communities and never getting bored. In additional, you learn a thing or two as well making it a win win situation. Relatively a new concept in the Indian corporate world, Open Coworking Office Space Rentals is aimed at providing creative energy and productive environment to small businesses, self-employed individuals freelancers, and contractors to work better. Bid farewell to monotonous and dreary workplace or home office. Open Coworking Office is a great way to meet with entrepreneurs and business minded professionals while being independently productive.

Reserved Coworking

Shared office space in India

For professionals preferring noiseless environment, a proper desk and windows for fresh air, our Office Space Rentals are the best for you. Our offices have access to high-tech internet connection, communications, infrastructure, community concierge services, reception services, sleek & ergonomic furnishings meeting rooms and a lot more, 24x7 access to feel like home, personal desk and storage facilities even in a shared environment. Enjoy our services Best Office Space For Rent in India in a hassle-free manner and exposure to a community of interesting, talented, innovative and open minded professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Office space for rent in India


Get fully equipped and furnished work space for all your professional requirements, for you and your team, and grow your business.
Professional Work Environment
Meeting and Conference Rooms
Modern Furniture

Startup coworking space in India


This is your one stop shop, fulfilling all your business facility requirements like:
High Speed Broad Band Connection
Meeting and Conference Rooms
Reception & Housekeeping
Tea and Coffee*
IT Support
24X7 Co working Space